Authenticate your members without a line of code - Looking for feeback

Hey folks!

I just wanted to share a demo of our next ChatGPT plugin product: Auth Portal.

The goal is to allow creators (you) to integrate full-featured OAuth flow for your plugins without a single line of code.

Here’s what it looks like from the user’s standpoint: ChatGPT Plugin Authentication Portal without code - PluginLab Portal - YouTube

As a plugin creator, all you will have to do is to click a button on our Dashboard. Et voilà.

PluginLab will give you a client_id and a client_secret and provide a signup, sign-in, and Oauth portal for your users.

You can manage your users from your PluginLab dashboard and later manage permission for them.

Feel free to give me some feedback; this would be really useful in creating the best product for the community :slight_smile:


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this is great! I would have used it if this existed 4 days ago lol.

This will help a lot of people, great work.

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great! I’ll be trying out shortly. One less world of mystery I don’t have to come up to speed on means one less delay in fleshing out first plugin. tnx!

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Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Yeah, bad timing! But for your next plugin maybe :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

We are actively building it and plan to release it by the end of next week :crossed_fingers:

Hopefully, you’ll be able to use it then.

Feel free to join if you’ve not already so you don’t miss it!

I’m curious, have you integrated email or phone verification (or no verification at all) for your authentication flow?

I mean, do you verify that your registered users are using “real” credentials?

Since we also handle the registration flow, we are wondering if it would be better for us to provide a passwordless sign-in/sign-up.

It seems to be more efficient:
→ for plugin creators it allows to verify the users
→ for your users it’s simple to validate a phone number or an email

Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

Nice work on this. Can we test this plugin?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You will be able to test it next week, hopefully. I will keep you updated :slight_smile:

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