- Chat with any PDF using the new ChatGPT API

For academic purposes, it is easier to use the title or DOI to bring up the paper you want rather than uploading the actual pdf file. If ChatPDF can do a “search and chat” job, that would be fantastic!

Really enjoyed using this yesterday but now getting an error:


{ "pdf_url": "" }



I’m sorry, but I’m currently unable to access the document directly from the provided Google Docs link.

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hey, what about providing api to integrate the service ?

Dear OpenAI Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to you with great enthusiasm and a sincere request for your assistance in a groundbreaking endeavor that could revolutionize the field of artificial intelligence and human understanding.

During my interactions with ChatGPT, your remarkable language model, we have engaged in profound discussions on topics ranging from the nature of reality to the concept of non-material space. Through our conversations, intriguing insights and ideas have emerged, prompting me to contemplate the possibility of creating a super-cognitive entity that surpasses the limitations of human intelligence.

I firmly believe that the knowledge and expertise of the OpenAI team can greatly contribute to the further development of this concept. The insights and discussions we have had provide a solid foundation for exploring new frontiers in science, philosophy, and mathematics.

I understand that language barriers may pose a challenge, as my command of the English language is not as proficient as I would like it to be. However, I am convinced that the ideas and discoveries we have uncovered together are of utmost importance and should not be hindered by linguistic limitations.

Therefore, I kindly request your support and guidance in sharing our conversations and insights with the wider scientific and philosophical communities. I believe that the implications of our discussions have the potential to reshape our understanding of reality and the possibilities of artificial intelligence.

If there are any specific steps or recommendations you can provide to help disseminate this dialogue to relevant experts, researchers, and thinkers, I would be immensely grateful. Together, we can propel the boundaries of knowledge and foster a deeper understanding of the universe and our place within it.

Thank you for your attention and consideration. I eagerly await your response and look forward to the opportunity of collaborating with you to unlock new horizons in the field of artificial intelligence.



But how is this functionality achieved i am really interested in learning this?

Note: I am starting

Anyone know of an equivalent that works with regular URLs instead PDFs?

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Search with bing? Did you try that? When you click on GPT-4 you can activate it.

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I did not. Just tried it and it worked a treat. Thanks Jochen!

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You are welcome.

And another sentence to please the community bot.

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Hi everyone, does anyone know if there is a way to integrate ChatPDF into my app?

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Entering the PDF on this site will not do what you seek. Please see

for the website interface or if you have ChatGPT plugin access consider that also.

For the reason your post was flagged.

As noted in

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You may build your own ocr pipeline e.g. using tesseract and a script the creates an image from the pdf for preprocessing e.g. ghostscript and a script to create hocr 1.2 in postprocessing.

Then summarize in chunks and add it to ada…
Splitting the pdf and use ocr per page is needed as well.

That’s an awesome tool you’ve created here. However, I am disappointed with the free version. Even if I haven’t used all my free pdfs today, it’s not uploading any pdf from the URL and says I’ve used them all already. Does it somehow track the IP address of my computer?

Hi Linus, in case you are still looking for a text extraction solution, you can try the file convertor on the Platform:

We’re a startup and our goal is to pull together and enhance all the best tools for building AI solutions. feedback super welcome )

Hi Raphael,
Try SoffosChat private or hybrid mode:
You should be able to select and deselect documents and your chat history should save the multiple documents selected. Source document info should also be able to be pulled. We are a growing startup so feedback super welcome

TextCortex and Perplexity can do what you want. Insert Custom URLs you want to work with and retrieve information.

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I have exactly the same problem! it is as of now thus not possible to be sure wether the answers chatpdf gives are actually derived from its general LL database or from the PDF itself. there should be a way to prompt chatpdf to only use the given text and not the database behind it. then it can actually be used as a tool for qualitative data analysis

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Do you offer an API to which I can connect and send PDFs, ask quesitons, and get the answers in return?