1000 page PDF? Chat with PdfGPT which is build with ChatGPT APIs

Experience the power of our latest update on pdfgpt.io! With this new update,

you can now upload PDFs of up to 1000 pages and get instant access to summaries and answers to your questions.

Chatting with pdfgpt.io has never been faster or more efficient. Say goodbye to long wait times and hello to speedy results!

Try it here: https://pdfgpt.io/

Edit: Our latest update allows users to upload PDFs with up to 1000 pages and with even better speed :zap::dash: than before! :raised_hands::+1:

Maximize Your PDF Processing Capabilities

:rocket: Upload 1000-page PDFs
:rocket: Unlimited PDF uploads
:rocket: Unlimited Q&A
:rocket: Top 5 pages provided for detailed analysis.
:rocket: Superfast and accurate results


Are you using llama-index fka gpt-index?

No we are not using llama-index fka gpt-index

Is it just summarising the pdfs and Q&A?
Any other capabilities of ChatGPT?

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PdfGOT.IO is a free tool

Where you can upload unlimited PDFs which provide summaries and unlimited Q&A
Besides this, It has the feature of references where you can click and navigate to a particular page from where the response is generated,

Consider having 1000 pages of PDFs and receiving a response, but not knowing whether it is correct or not, and wanting to read them thoroughly. You can click and navigate easily.

We will be launching save chat as PDF and other features which can help businesses to use this tool smoothly.

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What vector database are you currently using?

It is great. Does the number of pages of the pdf impact the number of tokens used in GPT?

It charged based on token. Rafer pricing page of openai.

When i was doing testing, I uploaded 775 pages of software engineering book. I calculate tokens and and calculated price for that pdf.

775 page of pdf can charge you 0.20$

I just get this:

I’m sorry, there is no text provided in your query. Please provide more information or context for me to accurately answer your question.

or no response at all :confused:

Thank you for reaching out.

Please note that if your query is not related to PDFs, the system will respond with a message indicating so, or it’s possible that the bot misunderstood your question.

We understand that this can be inconvenient, but for now, we suggest trying again until we implement a feature that allows you to design your own prompts and edit queries.

We are constantly working to improve the system, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Additionally, you can stay updated on announcements by joining our Discord channel: PdfGPT.

La conexión a pdfgpt.io no es segura

Se muestra esta advertencia porque este sitio no admite HTTPS

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Ok, now I’ve resenting again and I don’t get any message, I do not know the reason, but now, no problem.

I’m getting the error You have reached you api limits, Try after sometime. after submitting my PDF. I have credits in my account and can use the API with other applications.

I just tried it and am getting the same error, after uploading and trying to analyze a 900KB PDF.

We also made a similar tool, chatur.mysticlabs.ai Check it out! :slight_smile:

Hey @everyone

People facing You have reached you api limits, Try after sometime. behind the scenes we are receiving error attached in screenshot.

This is known issue from OpenAI side, Many tools that are integrated with OpenAI APIs are also facing same issue,

We are trying to contact supports, and investigate more about it. You can follow similar conversation on community discord channel

and there are 100s of people facing this which you can follow, also try to contact support.

Hope they will resolve soon,

Please be with us, we can introduce some paid plans for those who are facing difficulties, and they can use PdfGPT API keys.

I also plan on building one too… but for interview Questions

Check my portfolio here
My portfolio

We just released new updates :

:tada: Introducing our latest updates with a fresh redesign of our application! Here’s what’s new:
:sparkles: Better design for a better user experience
:crescent_moon: Dark/Light Mode Check out more about it here: https://pdfgpt.io

10k users in 20 days at PdfGPT.IO.