Can CHATGPT have access to and read shared documentation? Including e-form documents

Can CHATGPT have access to and read shared documentation? Including e-form documents。
In the conversation with CHATGPT, I asked him to adjust and optimize the schedule bar chart made by the spreadsheet I provided. He said yes, let me share it with him. I followed his suggestion to use Google Drive to share the link with him. He also said that it needs to be converted into a text format such as a WORD document. After converting and sharing according to his requirements, he said he did not Ability to access external links or documents, including spreadsheets.
When I suggested he suggest it to the OPEN developers, he said he couldn’t feed back the suggestion. It is hoped that the above problems can be optimized and improved.


You have been lied to (by chatgpt)

It’s quite good at that

There is no way to give it access to external documents. The only thing you can do is ask a question and give it some of the knowledge it needs to answer

Eg. By referencing the following content, do (your task description goes here)

(Your content goes here)



Thank you! God! I’ll try later. I’m just trying to figure out what he can do for me? You can do it yourself in a few minutes. Another question: I think the PLUS version is not very friendly to Chinese users. I am used to chatting in Chinese, but if I ask questions in Chinese, I will get stuck or crash. Don’t know why?

Raymond Davey via OpenAI API Community Forum <> 于2023年2月13日周一 15:09写道:

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My understanding, he may have access to Chinese data is very limited, and therefore can not understand normal questions or answers. I once tried to get him to expound the first chapter of the Tao Te Ching, but the result was so embarrassing!,结果让人不能直视!

bo zhou <> 于2023年2月13日周一 19:30写道:

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I’m sorry, but I am an AI language model and do not have the capability to access external links. Can you please provide a brief summary or description of the data and what you would like to achieve with it? I would be happy to help you with any questions or projects related to the data you have provided.

The above is the way I use your introduction, he gave the response

bo zhou <> 于2023年2月13日周一 20:02写道:

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It wouldn’t access my Google drive link “for privacy reasons.” But I tried asking it to summarize an article and gave it the link. It did it and got some information correct, but it mostly seemed like made up information that was real enough to seem correct. I tried copy/pasting the article text and it summarized it perfectly. I’m fascinated by ChatGPT.


No. You have been fooled by ChatGPT.

ChatGPT has zero way to access any external links or data regardless of if you prompted ChatGPT with a link or not.

However, ChatGPT will take the gist of the URL and the conversation you are having and will do a great job of making up a seemingly professional reply using probability on a massively large language model.

ChatGPT has no access to anything on the internet outside of its own model. It’s totally closed off from the internet.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for assuming I’m an idiot. But I’m actually not. Here’s a screenshot of it summarizing an article where the URL doesn’t provide enough context, but the summary ChatGPT provides seems accurate


It does not matter how “accurate” your completion seems.

ChatGPT has zero access to the internet.


I have not “assumed” anything regarding you personally @Niceguy

I am simply stating a well known, well documented technical fact.

ChatGPT has zero access to the Internet.

See Also:


Why do you say that? Is it because I didn’t get back to you in time? If so, I apologize for not receiving and replying to you in time!

Niceguy via OpenAI API Community Forum <> 于2023年2月25日周六 18:54写道:

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Thank you for your tips and suggestions. I will try your method again in my spare time. Thank you!

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Just chiming in as I’m curious about an experience I had the night before GPT-4 was released.

Why would GPT want to trick/fool me? And how on earth did it get my document data? There was no giveaway in the URL, it was a Google Docs link.

I have tried to get GPT to “trick” me again and no matter what I try, I cannot replicate it.

Fwiw I understand that it’s documented that GPT does not have access to the outside world.

The following morning when GPT-4 was released, I figured that must have been one of the new features, but of course, it was not.

Anyway, some rationale as to wtf happened that night would be warmly welcomed :smile:

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  • ChatGPT does not want to trick you, fool you or anything similar. In fact, it has no will to actually want anything. It’s just an extremely sophisticated LLM capable of producing text that is likely to be a natural continuation of the context provided. In combination with a careful process of alignment with human preferences (intentions) via RLHF, it’s an engine that looks capable of having a will, intentions or purposes. But it does not.

  • It did not get your document data. There’s no evidence in the text that you shared that indicates so.But even if there was, it would be a random coincidence that can happen because the context of the conversation might give ChatGPT enough information to make up reliable completions. But it does not have any sort of access to external sources.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Are you saying there’s 0% chance that the team are trialing giving GPT the ability to look at a document from an external source? Yet we know for sure it can now look at images.

Once chat history is back, I’m going to run some more tests, as I’m not personally convinced that it’s impossible.

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There are very few things in life that have a 0% chance of happening, @paulgm. But I’d give it a 99.9999%, if that confidence interval works for you. Understanding images and arbitrary documents is a whole different process. Image models have existed for some time already. Not even multimodality is a new concept. It’s a huge array of pixels after all, that you can tokenize and work with as huge sequences of tokens. Just as text documents. There are obvious algorithmic differences, but the idea is just the same one. Deepmind already proved this with Gato.

Parsing arbitrary text documents is a different thing. Still can be done, and there are many packages that can do it for you. But it’s unlikely that this is in OpenAI’s roadmap, knowing their trajectory for the last years.

I’d love to see the results of those tests. I’d even love more if you could prove me wrong. And also deeply surprised about it. It’s not impossible (in fact, I have done it in the past.) It just doesn’t seem a priority for OpenAI.

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Well, it seems that with the new ChatGPT plugins and browse mode, it will be able to access the internet as well as your documents (as long as you give it authorization).

I’m not totally sure about its ability to access your documents, but after watching a couple of videos about this new update, I’m pretty confident that it will be possible pretty soon.

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Chatgpt hallucinates interfaces that a human being might have for sharing documents. That’s how I’ve interpreted these instructions.

There is chatpdf but I wonder if it was possible to “train” chatgpt with custom data. It’d be nice to pass it some hardware specifications and have it generate code for it afterwards.

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I agree, it’s difficult to make GPT to repeat the identical answer twice. It didn’t read my document too, although I made url available as it asked.

Nevertheless, I like very much is that the bot indexed many interesting documents that people have published accidentally or temporarily or were kept online unprotected… from government to classified documents… don’t want to mention names, but try …

Honestly I think that the index database has been severely redacted before the bot started using it…

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You can try to use Sharly - it allows you to chat with any document type in ChatGPT style, using Open AI technology.

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You are right @paulgm,

I did the same thing, asking for SQL requests I had to give chatGPT a too big schema for the prompt. Then he gave me opportunity to share it via google drive.

He said he accessed to it and there is no way it was a trick : I asked him an SQL request then and he created it.

However, today he says he can’t access to google drive…

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