ChatGPT4o voice feature not avaliable on Android App

sorry if I’m being ignorant but for now but, apparently ChatGPT 4o released for free user yesterday but I still can’t access it on my phone, even normal chatgpt 4o which is locked after sending around 4 prompts (it then ask me to subcribe to ChatGPT plus if I try sending more prompts).
The application is up to date in Google Play store and I even take part in Beta tester program… I just want to know if it’s normal of if it just release in some countrie or even maybe my phone isn’t compatible with the new version.
Likely the lastest verion on my phone:
ChatGPT for Android
(Again I’m a free user)

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I’m also very interesting to have this feature (in french) on android app.

“I’m also interesting” Yeah you are obviously not English.
I think people should just learn English, everyone have to speak english.
Imagine the team having to work on every single language they have to do speech recognition system for each language and a good TTS for each language. Safe to say that won’t happen soon. My main language isn’t English but I do my prompt in English.