My ChatGPT speaks! App for Android smartphone

I am working on a version for Android Smartphone that speaks (reading aloud) the returned text from the ChatGPT API.

Its working fine. After some adjustments, I’ll try to deploy in Googla Play Store.

Youtube → GPT-Falador - example of my ChatGPT app for Android smartphone - YouTube


Here is my app speaking :sweat_smile:

It would be nice if OpenAI include “detected language” in the json returned by the API.

	ChatGPTResult struct {
		ID      string `json:"id"`
		Object  string `json:"object"`
		Created int64  `json:"created"`
		Model   string `json:"model"`
		Usage   struct {
			PromptTokens     int `json:"prompt_tokens"`
			CompletionTokens int `json:"completion_tokens"`
			TotalTokens      int `json:"total_tokens"`
		} `json:"usage"`
		Choices []struct {
			Message struct {
				Role    string `json:"role"`
				Content string `json:"content"`
				Language string `json:"lang"` // <== automatic detected language.
			} `json:"message"`
			FinishReason string `json:"finish_reason"`
			Index        int    `json:"index"`

Here is a beta version for testing: GitHub - HugoNovaes/gpt-falador-android-app

Thank you! Next feature to be developed in the future is the conversation only with voice. Its not easy to implement the voice recognition feature but is in my roadmap to try it out.