ChatGPT4 Access (August 1st)

I don’t have the prepay option. See my screens here:

I see, well accourding to the post made it should look like this

You’ll need to reach out to to query why this is not the case with your account, those are the only people that can deal with account related issues.

One more account per phone number should be allowed (unless a policy was changed). You can discover if you made that second account using another email authentication by attempting password reset against those emails (login screen, forgot password).

A legacy account, yet never entering API payment method, should be offered only the new system.

Multiple disconnected policies may have been changed around, possibly causing this complication or conflict. A card type or country origin previously eligible for post-payment monthly (arrears billing) may have been disqualified by new payment processor rule settings - by the consideration that less-trustworthy cards could only be used for prepayment. Possible new rules “don’t convert old accounts” due to a flood of problems in doing so, while not considering card restrictions.

One can try more techniques to get to the (undesired) post-payment entrance point. Remove credit cards until nothing on the screen. The old box on the “payment method” would say “add payment method” then, but that’s not what you want now. Log off and back in. Go to the account main billing category and see if you aren’t offered the “start payment plan” along with an “upgrade” menu button to take you there.

Unfortunately none of those options work.
I can’t remove the last payment method.
It still says “Start payment plan again” and fails.
Reset password gives no SMS option. I use an authenticator app on this account.
All I have is the one account with the phone number that I am aware of.
I will wait for a week or so and see want the help says.

At least the API still appears to be working on my production application even without a payment plan so hopefully this will stay working for the week.

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And now production is broken :frowning:

So much for my live demo I was going to do tomorrow.

Support is not being helpful and saying something about me not being able to change from prepay to monthly billing which makes no sense.

Tip. Don’t remove your payment plan!

Hey everyone, after having read that announcement that topping up credit will provide me with access to gpt-4 after not having generated the traffic that was needed to be billed with at least $1, I canceled my payment plan and added a new plan. Voilà, I was presented with a dialog to top up credit. I added $5 and had to wait for a little while (systems sync does not seem to happen instant) and gained access to gpt-4.


Hello I am having the same issue. I don’t have an option to add $5 prepayment to access GPT-4

I can confirm that this is a working solution. Thanks.

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Same issue here. We were just discussing this with my developer friends today. Your post was 1 month ago and here we are…

Hi, What is it you are trying to do, any why are you trying to do it?

If it’s GPT-4 access then currently you need to remove your current payment method (Note: do not do this if you have an ongoing project that requires uninterrupted API access with increased usage/rate limits) and then you will get the start payment plan option, then 48 hours later you will be able to go back to pay as you go with limits returned to normal.


Thank you for the Clarification. Yes, I want to usi GPT-4 API. I did not generate the traffic to be billed $1 but will do as you told me

thank you, this worked for me as well!

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Cancel the payment plan at your own risk.
For me this has completely broken production as I can’t add a new plan.

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What do you mean by a new plan? you can’t do that for 48 hours, but you should be able to go back to pay as you go after that point.

I mean that once I removed the existing payment plan it broke and would not let me add a new payment plan. Now the API is not returning results and my production platform is broken.
The openai chat support is not helpful.

See my post above: ChatGPT4 Access (August 1st) - #11 by fullon_mac

I get the error: Your organization is not eligible for arrears billing. Please contact us through our help center at

How long ago did you go to pre pay? if it’s still within 48 hours then that will be the reason.

Removed the payment plan 6 days ago and still no resolution from support.

I have exactly the same problem… Spent > $1 last month but at the beginning of this month I didn’t receive any payment notifications or charge my card. I tried to cancel my payment plan back on September 1, and today, September 4, I have an error when creating a new payment plan. Dude, if you have a solution to this problem, just let me know please.


You’ll need to reach out to for account related issues such as this, hopefully your issues gets resolved soon.

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Hello, just a side note: it looks like there is an issue with invoicing system currently. I am also waiting for my invoice for August. But to be honest with current high demand on gpt-4 api we can’t expect that everything will go smoothly.