Removing a workspace member, deletes all GPTs created by that member

We have an employee who created a number of GPTs and shared them to the team in the workspace. This employee will be away for 9 months, hence we removed her from the workspace to save costs (we are on a monthly plan). Without warning, removing her from the workspace also deleted her GPTs. Can this really be true? Are there any way to restore them?

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unfortunately, it does appear that way. When someone is removed from the teams plan, their entire chat history and data is all wiped. This has honestly been a concern for many folks who are skeptical to upgrade to a teams plan.

Thank you for the answer. I was afraid of that, a lot of work was just lost there, and without any warnings :frowning:

This also means that users are more or less locked to a billable plan forever if you don’t want to loose important work within a team. We use GPTs as a tool within our company and it seems crazy that we cannot handle the case where an employee leaves, without having to recreate everything…

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