ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers - viewing problem - logo blinking

I enrolled in the course, but I’m a little confused every lesson is divided in two split spaces, I assume one is for the video lesson and the other space for the practice environment but… at this space only appears the deep learning logo blinking is this do to the website being in beta version or is this a bug I’m having

Welcome to the developer forum!

I’ve had this a couple of times myself. Some things to try :

  1. Simply reboot your machine and try again, this usually works for me.
  2. If you’re running chrome and you have extensions running, try opening up an incognito mode window and visiting the site with that (Ctrl + Shift + n)
  3. Try a different browser all together.
  4. Wait a bit, sometimes those lesson servers are super busy and can bog down or have issues that need to be fixed, give them a little time to sort that out.

It worked rebooting the machine thanks dude appreciet it