Basic GPTs Troubleshooting Guide


Below are troubleshooting steps I have used to resolve a few complications. They may be helpful to other community members, feel free to remove if not.

Troubleshooting steps for gizmos

1. Clear your browser's cache and cookies, try a incognito mode.
2. Try disabling security add-on or extension that may cause this type of error. 
3. Check if you have tanky security features that can break sites and content.
4. Try connecting to another network
5. Disable VPN, if using one.  
6. Try using a different browser 
7. Try using a different desktop computer or handheld computer
8. If you've already waited a few minutes check check if all systems are operational from the [OpenAI System Status]( to see if there's any incidents or operational issues. 

Isolating the issue: Ensure incognito is properly disabling extensions. And note that when you flush cache/cookies, some browsers are configured to save ongoing sessions in email clients connected to OpenAI

Server Congestion: During times of high traffic, some glitches could happen. However, since recent server updates this appears to be reduced greatly.

If none of the above troubleshooting steps help open a support ticket and include the following when you start the chat:

A) A description of the issue
B) Steps to reproduce it
C) A screenshot of the issue/error message from developer tools. (CTRL+SHIFT+I in Google Chrome)