ChatGPT PLUS: "We're currently processing too many requests" for every single request

Since yesterday, I have paid $20 for a PLUS account, which was supposed to give me a priority, but I have not been able to use it even once. The system thinks for a few seconds, then keeps giving me, “We’re currently processing too many requests. Please try again later.” The support team isn’t responding, and there is no refund policy.

I am also seeing the “high demand” warning on the plus account.

The issue is account-related, since 1) A secondary, free account works fine on all browsers, but 2) My PLUS account does not work on any browser.


UPDATE: 48 hours later they got back in the chat, and suggested that I clear my browser’s cookies, and closed the chat. Disgrace! I opened another chat, in which “Raymond” asked some normal questions 48 hours later. I answered, and showed a video screenshot, and he said the tech team is looking into it. It’s been a few days and he isn’t responding to the open chat case anymore, but at least he left it open. It’s been almost a week, and my PLUS account won’t work. I want my $20 back.

i’m same.I have paid for $20,but chatgpt always says:We’re currently processing too many requests. Please try again later. I CANT USE IT. Have you solved it?

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There is still a chat ticket open, but they aren’t responding. But I solved the $20 I paid. Yesterday, I called the bank to dispute the charge, and they reversed the charge and refunded the money. I also cancelled the subscription, which will stay active until the end of the month. When they fix the issue, I will resubscribe.

Having exactly the same issue… With the free account it worked just fine. Right after the upgrade every response: “We’re currently processing too many requests. Please try again later.”

I am having the same issues. Very frustrating. We’re paying to not deal with this. I’d like it fixed, but if they can’t: refunds are in order.

I just logged into my Bank of America website and clicked “dispute transaction.” When I selected the ChatGPT transaction, it told me to call a number. I did. The guy on the phone just wanted to hear my story, verify that I tried to resolve it with OpenAI, and when I confirmed all of that, he refunded the money to me. Call you bank.

I am facing this issue with the paid subscription plan. The free plan has no issues. Will we be refunded?

I have the same issue with plus. I don’t have a separate free account to try.
Apparently the official way to get support is to email

EDIT : I just found out that if i keep retrying my existing chat, it gives the error message,
but if i create a new chat and paste the same question it seems to work.

I have a similar problem with the plus plan. With all the chats I had before this morning I got a “An error ocurred. Try refreshing your browser.”
If I open a new conversation it works fine.
I hope this gets fixed.

Are you using the Turbo model or the Default model?

Same problem, however i just take a break.
Seems like it breaks when China, is inside the free version.

Im gonna say like always;" IP-ban " free Chinese roamers aka. bots.

Yes. This is how unsatisfied subscribers should proceed because OpenAI does not yet have the staff nor infrastructure to handle 100 Million plus new users in 30 or so days.

It is unlikely you will get the customer service you expect (if you expect super responsive customer service) until OpenAI can ramp up their entire operation to support the unprecedented number of new users since the media circus started late last year.

Found this detailed article with reasons & fixes hope it helps you