Chatgpt Plus memeber, still don't get the plugins options

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I want to try plugins in ChatGPT

I am a developer and want to build a plugin

All ChatGPT Plus users can now access plugins without a waitlist.

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this what is saying in the ChatGPT Plugins waitlist website. I’m a Chatgpt Plus member for a long time now, but i still don’t have the option of the plugins. Pls help.


I am a ChatGPT Plus user and I received my access today, have been waiting since launch


But in the site says “All ChatGPT Plus users can now access plugins without a waitlist.” wich makes no sense, if it’s without a waitlist it should be available since they said that in the website for ALL the Chatgpt Plus users…


I think you need to use ChatGPT to write a more concise and clearer message. It is misleading and probably adding a ton of traffic, questions because Plus subscribers are frustrated.


Already turned on for 20% of users, and rolling it out to 100% over the next week.

Via @Peter Welinder


Same here, I noticed gpt4’s icon become purple but still no beta setting to enable plugins

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I even didn’t get Alpha browsing version till now.

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Same here. I don’t have any Alpha browsing or Plugin in my plus account.

Don’t know why I need to keep waiting

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I love how technical people argue the minutiae of a press release. Are YOU team 0 or 1 ? It all comes down to binary.

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we just really want to play…

Protip: maybe announce early monday with full rollout by friday afternoon. (for weekend playtime)


I am a user in Korea. I wonder which country’s time standard it is.

Yes, I do have a plus membership still i didn’t had the plugin access


I am also confused and frustrated the signup website clearly says ‘All ChatGPT Plus users can now access plugins without a waitlist’ I go to talks by people saying you should have it and yet with a plus membership. I still can’t access browsing or Plugins

I joined and paid assuming I would get this


Same thing here.
And all of this fuss over a poorly written message.

I know it doesn’t help and it will be rolled out over the week, but please remove the message. I bought subscription because of this and that is 100% false advertisement!


I just got the plug-in for the Internet yesterday

100% this is a really bad look by openai do they not have anyone to proofread the emails they send out to their 100,000,000+ userbase?


Related question: Do people need to log out and back in to see the new beta settings option (when they do finally get it, which I understand may still take until later this week for some, incl. me), or is refreshing the page enough?

Just so I know if I can check if I have access now, simply by refreshing every now and then.