ChatGPT Plus and Usage Limits

can you tell me, how long did you have to wait to use 4.0 again? I have been waiting for an hour and still haven’t solved the problem. I am very upset about this

Yeah this is shameful.

Why am I paying for this? Especially since it still sucks at understanding prompts. The fact that they don’t explicitly tell you this or care that you are paying them is a joke. 40 every 3 hours or less? God forbid I need to re-tell it what I need in like 5 different ways, as usual.

It stops me after 11 prompts.
Is it normal?
what am I paying for??


After 24 requests I was stopped. I think it might be a server problem today? But I agree… I think they should be more transparent with the limits than they used to be. We never know what the limits are - regardless of the fact that there are any at all…

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I just discovered this also after paying for subscription yesterday - and today I am limited? Very weird and super disappointing.Buying something yesterday that I no longer have access to today???

Actually I think it was just the internet dropping out as its working again now. Internet drops our regularly here unfortunately.

we just played a zork clone for 15 minutes and had coding to do :,)

They should link to this thread on their plans & pricing page !
I was considering subscribing with PLUS, but I was suspicious about the “limits”, now there is no way I’ll subscribe.
OpenAI - please consider this : make an unlimited subscription for exclusive browser use, 1 request/30 secs limit, text only.

“You’ve reached your GPT-40 limit. Continue with GPT-3.5 until your limit resets in 5 hours, or get ChatGPT Plus” Used app less then 2 hours get this message May 16, 2023 & paying still have usage limits. Constant notices yesterday limiting my ability to use ChatGPT for a hour. Until you can’t use or or do anything. Constant default responses, and to do list as responses from ChatGPT so even when you are trying to use it, you’re not actually getting the help and what you’re trying to use it for. The default responses to do list responses could apply to anybody at anything in any situation. They have nothing to do with it when I actually wrote.

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chat gpt is a damn scam I am so glad I don’t pay for this program. Back in the day you can do tons more almost limitless. Now they’re ripping people off. We all know that their service should not cost so much money for text to be written. So sad.

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