Limit of messages per 24 hours

I am getting error message “You’ve reached our limit of messages per 24 hours. Please try again later”

Ive searched hi and lo but I can’t find any info on what this limit is or how to know when “later” is. I am a plus subscriber running gpt in a browser. Been using the service continually for over as month without this error. I would very much like to know what these parameters are so I can plan my work accordingly.


Same here. Kind of disappointing that they limit plus customers. Since I mostly use GPT 3 due to the limit on GPT4 I see no point now in being a plus customer.


How can openai limit ChatGPT-3 for a plus user while it is offering it for free for other users. This makes zero sense! And where the hell is that limit documented?

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Same problem, I wrote 15-20 posts then got this message on both gpt4 and gpt3. I am also a plus user

Same - this should be very clear on the signup for Plus page. It doesn’t make sense to pay this, be in your zone, and then - poof - stopped full stop. Wtf?

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I’m getting the same message. What’s the limit in 24 hours if the limit is 50 messages in 3 hours. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Same here. Only posted 2 prompts, so assume this is a bug right now.

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Also, there should be a direct link in that message to whatever policy is in effect instead of having to search on Google to find this community: “You’ve reached our limit of messages per 24 hours. Please try again later. LINK TO POLICY”


I’ve been kicked off with the same 24 hour message too.

Same problem at the moment. If this is the way they’ll go, I’m unsubscribing from gpt4.

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Hi, I got a same problem here. I’ve never put more than 10 prompt since yesterday!
Is this bug??

Having same problem, this never happened before and only 3 prompts added today. got error saying

“You’ve reached our limit of messages per 24 hours. Please try again later.”

both 3.5 and 4

I’m a plus user as well.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and that this must be a bug since most of the responses are coming in real-time in the last 15 minutes.


Same problem here. Presumably this is a bug that has just crept up in the last little while, judging by the timestamps on the responses to this thread. Hope it’s fixed soon.

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Sounds about right.

I was connected to my VPN at the time. I’d be interested to see how many people were also connected. (Maybe they booted an IP?) *nord

Same for me. Somehow glad to see I am not alone at the moment – but I need GPT back and working soon. I have gotten totally dependent on it!


same for me, got locked up for 24 hours, didn’t use gpt 4 a whole lot today neither. Though the limit of 50 requests every 3 hours is getting a bit tiring.

Same here. There have been a lot of bugs recently.

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Are the forums monitored for bug reports?

I found this…

If you have an issue with your account, payments, billing, or the like, please contact our support team at: . This site is a developer community site and not monitored for customer account or billing issues.


**** EDIT****
Heads up to those following the thread, web is down, but the API is still up.

If you haven’t used the API before you can use tools like POE or MacGPT.

Possible Bug, though my confidence wavers given their track record of restrictive policies. It’s a valuable tool marred by unattractive guidelines.

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