What's the new Team ChatGPT4 Cap Limit?

Anyone know what the limits are for the Team version of ChatGPT4? The plan description is vague and I don’t want to pay $600 upfront to find out.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for your update and using the tag chatgpt-team. As I do not have access to a ChatGPT Team account, I find this to be valuable feedback.

As a moderator I will do what I can to get this noticed by the OpenAI staff.

I keep all of the official OpenAI documents listed in this topic and in searching do not find any details on the caps.

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I was also looking for the answer on this one and I came across an article on helpdek (/articles/7102672-how-can-i-access-gpt-4) mentioning:

ChatGPT Plus

ChatGPT Plus subscribers will get GPT-4 access on chat.openai.com with a usage cap. We will dynamically adjust the exact usage cap depending on demand and system performance in practice. As of January 5th 2024, GPT-4 has a limit of 40 messages every 3 hours.

Your new plan, also, does not mention its limits anywhere clearly.

For a $1.6B revenue company those approaches are kinda of a joke, dont you think?


Hey! Could we have clarity on that please ?? May I add that as a plus user, I’ve recently been capped even though I clearly did not exceed the 40-50 message per 3 hours or so . I was not even at 10… seriously. I’ve used it for like 20 minutes and now I have to wait for more than 2 hours lol


Bumping this thread, partner and I are looking at this and would really like to find out what the cap is before spending more money.

Kinda same thing here. I should’ve 18 messages left, but got told that I reached my cap. That’s not what I pay for…


I found this guys. Good luck to you.

The “Team” option of ChatGPT 4 supplies 100 messages. If you look up Chatterclock by Google, you’ll find the info there.



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I’m counting my messages and seem to hit the cap at around 25 messages instead of 40, even though I’ve been a paying plus user for months. Can’t seem to find clarity on why I’m getting capped early, and it seems others are having the same problem


We’re paying for a service we don’t even know what is. Shady af. They’re squeezing all the money they can out of this. Don’t even have an ethical standard to advertise what is really being sold. For people claiming that they want a safe space for AI usage, and all that wishy washy bull-c, they don’t adhere to any morality when it comes to pricing and advertising. They’re gonna die when competition arrives. First mover advantage only takes you so far. I’m not keeping my subscription. Payed for the first month, find out that it was pretty cool, to then find the cap not even one hour later of using. not cool.


Firstly, I understand the dissatisfaction among members about the fluctuating message caps.

I also understand that the limitations when using GPTs are not always transparent.

However, considering the purpose of this topic, let me tell you what I know about the current limit on the number of dialogues in the team plan.

Currently, the team plan shows a limit of 100 dialogues per 3 hours.


Of course, if you sign up for two people, it’ll be $30 per person for a monthly plan, making it a total of $60.

But when you think about one person being able to utilize it for two, you would be able to use up to 200 messages per every three hours.

Unfortunately, it seems that my personal account is in the middle of migration from the Plus plan, and it’s not in a state where I can use two sheets, so please understand that I can’t assert this.
If I hadn’t migrated, there’s no doubt that I could use two sheets.


Considering these conditions, wouldn’t it be worth trying a monthly subscription instead of an annual subscription?


I’ve also been unable to login about 50% of the time for the past week or two as a plus subscriber and I’m hitting the cap within an hour at way less than 40 prompts when I’m able to access the service at all. So I cancelled my plus subscription and told them why - if you’re complaining about this and still paying $20/mo at the same time you are the problem not openAI.

I think the reason we’re seeing these absurdly low caps (for paid users) is the same reason they won’t commit to a fixed cap in the first place, they’re struggling to scale their consumer infrastructure to keep up with demand. To say they’ve handled it poorly to-date is an understatement that’s priming their entire user base to flee to the competition as soon as they have some. Check out an uncensored 3.5ish strength model called Mistral that a French company released a few weeks ago.

But yeah, a usage cap that paid users agree to in advance and can see approaching is a sensible and fair policy given the novelty of the platform and the current demand for it. An arbitrary, invisible cap that the user is informed of for the first time in the middle of an important project (and again every hour after than) is a blindingly stupid decision that evinces real contempt for their userbase.

If any of that surprises or wounds you I’ve got a bridge in Crimea to sell you.


Thanks for the info on the team plan. Looks like it is worth an upgrade.

I would prefer paying monthly but there’s a little asterisk stating that the team plan is billed annually.


That could be misread as meaning only an annual plan is allowed. Here is the actual info.



Found the dialog with the asterisk. From ChatGPT click Add Team workspace in the lower left.

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I got ten prompts this morning before reaching my limit.

hey there, there is actually a monthly flexible plan for chatgpt team. it’s $30/month

nope. there is a monthly plan for ChatGPT Team

i just counted my messages and was capped after 20. It’s supposed to be 50 right? this has happened two or three times over the last few days, since around 25th Jan.


This is not true because I live in spain and it only gives me 20 messages every 3 hours!


This is nonsense. You charge $20 for something that we have to wait for 3 hours to reuse it.

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