Why's GPT 4o insanely limited to free users and even plus users? It literally barely gives you 5 messages in 5-6 hours to the free users

Even for the paid and plus users, 25-30 messages in 3 hours seem quite low and not worth 20 dollars, will we ever get more message limit soon or will there be no changes in message limit?


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Are you really complaining about limitations for a free service? :thinking:

Additionally, the information about the limits for Plus users is incorrect. Please see below:

As of May 13th 2024, Plus users will be able to send up to 80 messages every 3 hours on GPT-4o and up to 40 messages every 3 hours on GPT-4. We may reduce the limit during peak hours to keep GPT-4 and GPT-4o accessible to the widest number of people.

Source: https://help.openai.com/en/articles/7102672-how-can-i-access-gpt-4-gpt-4-turbo-and-gpt-4o


It is in test period and oncourse that will be happen as soon as system become more stable after more people start using it and system can handle requests in good quality.

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They were actually complaining about the paid version


I’ve been using GPT actively every day since its release, especially for business purposes, but also personal purposes, and I’ve only hit the limit a couple of times in that entire time frame.

When the limit was 20 messages per 3 hours, my approach changed to writing several prompts per message as a numbered list. GPT spits them back to me in the same order, so it’s easy to hold conversations like this, and granted you don’t have a very particular need for writing short and concise messages, you should be able to utilize this strategy in one way or another.


I pay 31$ Canadian per month and its limited … big no way …unacceptable

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remember that if the prices for this seem too high and the limitations too broad, it may be a good idea to consider learning about gpt-4(o)'s API and how to use it (and if not, there are many online repos+replits+other premade scripts). APIs run on tokens, which are more countable and easier to work with

Look the time now 14:57
And look what he say limit until 12:09 pm

Its 9 hours!!!
Not 3 hours as they say.
And im plus user

Its ok if u want to limit with rules in advance. Yea we all know the limit that what we register for.
But if u not follow the rule u made that absolutely insane and not right.

18-months ago there was no amount of money you could spend to have any access to an AI model this capable, and now people are complaining about how limited the free access is…



I’m not a fan of this exaggeration either. What’s ‘insane’ in this context?

From what I can see in the community and from what other providers like Anthropic offer, this is a good way for everyone to access the models.

I understand why it’s limited to free users but at least offer a cheaper alternative. If it was £5 for 20 uses then £20 for 80 then that would be fine but there’s not. Limiting gpt 4o at all for the £20 would be like google limiting the amount of ad free videos with YouTube premium. Personally I think £5 for 40 uses and then £20 for as many as u want would be best. Remember it’s a subscription not an upfront purchase.

Is this the most nerd emoji response of all time? :nerd_face: I’m thinking so.
Did you know that you can use hyperbole rhetorically? Is this your first encounter with this? You know that what they said could even be argued to not be an exaggeration as if you were to have such a business model 30 years ago, people would laugh in your face. Free limited use or paid slightly less limited use for 20 dollars, monthly subscription. It is certainly unreasonable, but even unreasonable can be argued to be an exaggerated statement.

TL:DR; I’m not a fan of you splitting hairs on the adjectives people use.

Calling a free service “insanely limited” because it has restrictions on the flagship models is unnecessary and hyperbolic.

Paid users currently get 80 messages every three hours, which is definitely competitive. A simple comparison to other providers, which have even stricter limitations, proves this.

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I have been frozen out for the entire last week of my subscription that I cancelled. There is no feedback anywhere about why it’s frozen what they intend to do about it, nothing. VERY DISAPOINTED