ChatGPT plugins waiting list

I purchased a premium account and sign for the plugin waiting list,
Any idea how much time i should expect?

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I’m also interested (same situation).
However I don’t think there is a connection between premium account and plugin waiting list.

Open AI team said they prioritized premium account first. Not sure if its a marketing policy or not. I see people on the waitlist from day one still havent got plugins.

They rolling out very slowly.

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Likewise. Still waiting on my end too… very frustrating considering all of twitter seems to have access.

Guys wanna to develop plugin can join me , we can develop together

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I’m interested in that. How do I join your organization?

I’m also waiting on the plugin waiting list. Feels like I’m being left behind! Can we have a eta?

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I would forever be grateful to be able to be able to access the chat plugins, please consider me.

I am also patiently waiting for plugin access but am making the most of the GPT4 api :slight_smile:

Painfully waiting for access … month 2

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I also waiting on the plugin waiting list, but haven’t received any feedback so far.

Thankfully I am one of the lucky ones. I was anxiously awaiting access constantly refreshing ChatGPT to check.

I remembered reading that premium accounts and accounts that have used their API’s get higher priority. Definitely worth the wait though. It’s like having unlimited API access for free

im also waiting for the plugin’s waiting list, even with plus subscription nothing yet.

yep also the same, and i applied months ago before i started paying for plus the last 2 months. i did get api key access about a month in to plus.

I have also requested access to the plugins and have not received access for the code-interpreter and browsing plugins. Requested access on the very first day they were announced.

I note OpenAI states all chatgpt plus users now have access to plugins, however it appears I do not.

How do I resolve this?

check at
as they say, Already turned on for 20% of users, and rolling it out to 100% over the next week.

Legend, thank you for the information and link.

Officially, it won’t be available to all PLUS users until next week

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i had chatgpt plus until a few weeks ago, cancelled as i was sick of waiting and hearing that many other people had access to plugins. im not sure if it’s because im in Australia and not the US, but unless someone can tell me that ill have access to plugins, im not renewing my subscription again.