ChatGPT Plugins crashing Chrome

I’m not sure if this is just me, but in the last day or so I’ve experienced situations where, when running a plugin locally, ChatGPT is able to make the request and get a response; however, Chrome crashes with Error 5 before ChatGPT can generate anything. This has been happening pretty consistently for me, and I can reproduce the issue even with a simple plugin (like the secret message plugin by @logankilpatrick)

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Yup, there is another thread on this. Really annoying. Had a workaround for a while by keeping plugin debug open, but that has stopped working. Logan has been DM’d and is aware. Seems to be something being returned from a browser call to an openai moderation endpoint (presumably for moderation of plugin response before final return to chatGPT.). Interesting to open developer tools. Lots of back and forth between openai and a plugin in a single top-level call to the plugin.

I should have said ‘between the browser chat window and openai’ in a single call to the plugin.

Interesting, I just saw the other thread. Didn’t realize it was there or I wouldn’t have posted. Thanks for the response!

I just posted another workaround Are localhost plugins crashing your browser? - #20 by wfhbrian

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not sure I follow. if I refresh I just see a blank chat window without the input that caused the crash or an edit or resubmit button. I’m using google chrome on ubuntu, are you using something else?

Just got it working @bruce.dambrosio you need to go to your conversation history and click on one of the ones that crashed. It’ll show the plugin loading and you can edit your prompt and resubmit it and it will work

@sean_moriarity exactly, here are some better instructions I just posted.

Wow you’re the man! That worked for me! Janky as heck though…