"There Was An Error Generating a Response" bug now?

ChatGPT+ user.

Another bug spotted… Again, not sure is it just a “feature”.

Sometimes when I gave a prompt, it gets stuck and shows the “There was an error generating a response.” When I click “Regenerate”, it suddenly gives 2 answers. And that also means chatGPT considered it that I’ve given 2 prompts. WTF!

The same happens when I view back my old conversations, it will show “There was an error generating a response.” The weird thing is I recall very clearly they had generated a full answer before but now it says error? When clicking it, again, it uses up 2 prompts as they gave 2 answers.

This is getting WTF. It’s like they are now causing inconvenience and finding ways to make us use up our prompt limit ASAP.

If ChatGPT goes on like this (with their lazy answers, redacted answers, and now this) I am very sure they will lose out to their competitors real soon. More and more users are getting frustrated with their deteriorating quality and inconvenience; and sooner or later, they will move to Gemini or something.

ChatGPT/OpenAI is leading the AI race now and I hope they don’t get complacent… It would be like the turtle and rabbit story.