ChatGPT memory has been cleared by itself

After a few weeks of adding information to the ChatGPT memory, it just cleared on its own, with no other warnings.

Just opened the ChatGPT memory to check something and found that everything disappeared except 2 memories which was created last conversation, anyone experienced this and how to solve it?


The same here…memory lost. Very frustrating.


Same, happened to me yesterday as well.


Today it happened again… all memory lost. I don’t know if it’s because OpenAI is detecting something that it considers not compliant with usage policies, or who knows. The point is that I can no longer trust this tool."

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I’m pretty sure there’s a glitch with it’s tokens or something and it basically clears it’s memory, because I’ve talked to it on and off today and it remembered everything, up until I told it one thing, then I realized it deleted it’s entire memory.

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I’m not sure what it could be. The only pattern I noticed is that it happened around the same time both yesterday and today. The strange thing is that I was doing the same task at that time (organizing a university class transcript with Whisper), and in the middle of it, I realized it had lost its memory. But I’m not sure if it was something I said or something it did. To prevent this from happening again, it might be best to make daily backups so we can restore everything if it happens.

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Although it may be obvious, there might be some who haven’t noticed, so just in case:
As shown in the attached screenshot, it can be easily saved by copy and paste.


Same thing happened to me last night.

All the memories were replaced by one memory of “[1”.

Very frustrating.

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I sent this communication to open AI Privacy team because it is a big issue also for the privacy. Where are my records?

Subject: Issue with ChatGPT’s Memory Function

Dear OpenAI Team,

I am writing to report a serious issue with the new Memory function in ChatGPT.

About a month and a half ago, I activated the Memory function using a VPN connection to an American server, following all the procedures indicated for personalizing the program. I started to record important information for my work day by day. However, after about fifteen days, I noticed that the memory was completely erased, except for my birth date.

I thought this issue might be due to the release of the new GPT-4.0 version, considering there might have been server reconfigurations. I then started to re-enter all the information, partially recovering it from previous conversations, and adding new details.

Unfortunately, this morning, June first, I found once again that the memory was completely erased, keeping only my birth date. This problem makes the Memory function unreliable and unusable, causing a significant loss of time and crucial information for my work.

Imagine if a similar issue occurred on a computer, database, or server: the data loss would be unacceptable. I kindly ask you to investigate and resolve this problem as soon as possible so that the Memory function can be used with confidence and security.

I remain available to provide further details or clarifications if necessary.

Best regards,

Carlo Lambiase


Hallo Esteban, thanks for your feedback. How may I do daily backup of the memory data’s ?

Same here. All memory has disappeared and the memorizing functionality is now denied by the model.

Same here and I lost my Memory Button from the Setting menu.
How can I recover it ?

Memory was completely deleted for me today. I’ve also had a situation where saved SQL queries were altered. Sure would be nice if OpenAI would add an automated scheduled backup option…

Note: The Export Data’s chat.html file shows a line that reads “Model set context updated” each time it saves. So that’s helpful for recovery. Not fun though…