Missing messages, fragmentary log - log recall keeps changing


Wasn’t sure where to put this. But I was working with the normal web interface, via web browser and speech to text on android, and I turned away and the log just disappeared - 2/3s of it, and what was left was an edited version of the log we had. The ai seemed to remember some of the later lost stuff. But all the speech to text entries and their replies and the prompt responses to those are gone.

Then I got told I was out of Chatgpt 4o then I wasn’t then I was and it told me I needed a new chat as there was an attachment??

And then I was back and could access it again, but it tells me the log cannot be retrieved and now cannot seem to remember anything it did previously.

I’ve asked it to recall it a few times, and different versions with different parts of the logs have appear on the screen and then disappeared. It brings back old prompts then they disappear. This is all in the one chat log.


What’s going on?

Besides anything, just lost a lot of work on an important document.

Is there a way to pull the old record of the log as it was out of cache?

Holy shit we did so much work…

And now it’s like being trapped in dementia.