ChatGPT Latex is not Compiling

For some reason, math equations are no longer compiling on the web browser for me but the iphone app compiles it. Anyone else facing this issue?


Currently having the same exact problem. I’m on Mac. I’m thinking it might be on ChatGPT’s end.


Yep, right there with you. Maddening. I tried a different browser (Edge) instead of my default (Chrome) for kicks, but it’s happening in both browsers, with GPT 4 and GPT 4o. Guessing this is a problem with the system layer that renders Chat GPT’s output rather than with Chat GPT itself.


Experiencing the same issue.


yes, I have the same issue


Same here, it follows into different browsers as well. I went ahead and tried to see if it would replicate on different devices and the issue is also present on different devices in different browsers so it must be server side.

I believe the IOS app works. On chrome it shows as latex, on my iPad it renders properly. Can anyone else confirm?


same issue, I saw an error on the web dev tools. It should be a frontend error of ChatGPT web

same here, but IOS app works fine

I have the same problem, what happened?

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Same problem here. I would like to have an IOS app now :slight_smile:

Same issue on PC using Microsoft Edge.

Same issue! Using Chrome on Mac

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I’m on Windows 11, tried in Chrome and Firefox. Still not working, either way.

same here! Super horrid timing, studying for exam. This ever happen before to anyone’s knowledge?

also, it started happening around the same time as OP.

I’m also getting this issue, I’ve contacted support and I don’t think they know about this.

Same issue. Until yesterday, it works. But this error happens today even after i log out and re-log in. Or start new chat.

I have an exam next week dawg


Yup this is happening w me