ChatGPT Is not responding to my prompts

When I type a prompt, ChatGPT flashes its cursor o the screen, and then does nothing. I am using GPT 4o and Google Chrome.

This just started happening today, 17 June 2024, at approximately 1300 Hours Mountain time (USA).

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. I am utilizing the website HTTP chatgpt dot com.


Brian Hart


Many people now have similar problems with GPT…
Recently, such problems have been happening more often…

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I’m having the same issue. Desktop isn’t working but mobile app is fine.


Same here, super slow or non-responsive. Sometimes it looks like it’s trying but then nothing happens

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Same issue in India. Using GPT 4O.

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Same issue for me, GPT4o on Google Chrome. No response at all, and refreshing the page shows ‘There was an error generating a response’. When trying to generate, again nothing happens, just a blank page.


I am having the same problem; I am guessing it is a server issue.

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Chatgpt not working any idea when the issue is going to get resolved?

I am experiencing the same issue.

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Same issue on Chrome. And again no announcements on the incident.

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same in here … I lost all my previous history conversations and my gpts are dead

seems still have the same issues and I’ve teste with more then 10 pc and locations, and is the same, I’m in a 4000 users Telegram’s group and a lot have the same problem. Seems related to the services that does not respond when chatgpt start working due an arror trying to use Browser memory and threads to demand a part of calculations

The fault appears with both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Have tried clearing cache and cookies. But the mobile version on iPadOS is operational.

i just tried mobile version and its working,seems to be only desktop and web version issue

Coming from a similar thread: ChatGPT Browser/App not responding - #62 by AItakeover

Downdetector has about 9000 reports on ChatGPT over the last 3 hours. OpenAI Status says “elevated errors on ChatGPT” which is putting it lightly. Allegedly they’re investigating.

You can always subscribe to the incident for a notification of when it’s resolved:

The status page has notes on a similar issue from June 4 (at least, presentation-wise it’s similar). That one was caused by high traffic volume. The post-mortem of that incident has more details for anyone curious. Seems like the AI will be down for a little while longer, though. Last incident was somewhere between 3 and 5 hours long.

Back to being productive the traditional way :')


Same issue here, experiencing it in mobile app, mobile browser and desktop. Man down!

It seems like if ever there’s errors, trying to type more into the chat runs the risk of deleting significant portions of that chat’s history. Beware.

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Same issue here. It was working fine an hour ago, then just stopped. Cleared cache, cookies, went into developer console and tried localStorage.clear() to no avail.

I am having the same issue with all ChatGPT versions on my computer using Chrome and with the app on my phone. On my phone I fixed this by switching to v3.5 then v4, then back to v4o and it began working. Once I did that then v4o began working on my computer in Chrome. It could just be a coincidence, but I hope this helps.


Seems to be another account-related issue.
If you really need to be using ChatGPT you can open your browser in incognito and use it without an account.

You can also use the API version in the meantime and pay for the credits.

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