ChatGPT - Custom GPTs not generating files like Excel etc

Since the big downtime issues OpenAI had last week, your own created GPT models no longer seem to be able to generate files, in my case Excel and Python scripts which were working fine prior to downtime.

Might only be a geo-location thing with servers not receiving updates after the fact. But you can test by creating a private GPT publish it then ask it to do some data thing and provide an excel file download link.

The issue is the download link errors saying ‘file not found’ and the model says there is issues with its environment with saving / access files.
Just for sanity check i did make a new GPT and had the same issue with the model i.e generating files which don’t exist. Some bug somewhere I think!

I am in the UK so i just wondered if anyone else has this issue with existing GPTs of there own which are private since last week?

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