GPT-4 no longer able to interact with files

I asked this before in a thread but i need more answers and maybe my thread of choice was bad. I wrote: “I’ve managed to ask AI before to interact with excel files before, and even make diagrams of the data for me. Then, I encountered an error during the last couple of days. Now, the GPT says it cant, and never has been able to, interact with excel files. I sent it a screen shot of my previous interaction when it indeed could, and then it says that it had to been a previous model or another website :). Is it not possible anymore, to make GPT interact with excel files and make diagrams based of it?”

Hi and welcome to the developer forum.

Are you referring to custom built GPTs, Assistants or the ChatGPT interface?

I tested it now and was able to upload a random excel file to the ChatGPT UI and have it generate a heat map of the data. Can you provide some more information on your use case and which platform you are using?