ChatGPT app for macOS doesn't work on my laptop

Same here, I am really disappointed

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I’m also super disappointed by this. Apple still supports Intel Macs. Intel Macs were still being sold by Apple up to the beginning of 2023. I can only imagine there are technical reasons OpenAI chose to make the app Apple Silicon only, but nevertheless as someone who wasn’t planning to replace their Intel Mac just yet and as an avid ChatGPT user this is super disappointing.

All we can do is message support and ask them to cross compile it if possible.


In Q2 2024, everyone should be using M2 Max or M3 Max device.
In Q4 2024, M4 Max.

Me too. Not all Mac in service are M1+
OpenAI if you are listening please make an Intel Si version.

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Welp this answers it. Very disappointing. OpenAI, give us the intel version.

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OpenAI. Are you serious? Intel devices are excluded from the new desktop app? I don’t believe it.


OpenAI should really be transparent about why they chose not to make an x86-64 compatible version of the desktop app. I’ve been a Plus user since day 1, and I was super excited by Monday’s demo of the desktop app, but now I’m just irritated that the app isn’t functional on my 2018 mac mini.

There are so many of us who still have Intel Mac hardware, and if they don’t release a compatible version for us, I’ll almost certainly be cancelling my subscription. Sucks but it’s true…


As a Windows user I feel you!
Guess I will be looking into emulators or cloud Macs for the time being.

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What chrome extension are you using that has voice? Also disappointed it’s not a universal app.

Crazy that ChatGPT is gonna peer pressure me into upgrading to a Apple Silicon mac, lol. RIP macOS Intel OG users :sob:

If anyone has a petition started I’ll sign it lol. This is ridiculous


How did you get this? Did they send you an email? I have a Plus account but I haven’t received any communications yet about how to download the app for macOS.

Same here, so frustrating ! Please do something

I guess I was fortunate to get the luck of the draw when I purchased my MacBook Pro in 2021 because I have a silicone chip, but I would like to know why does the specific processor matter for such things like this?

Do I dare compare it to something like trying to run the Oregon Trail with an IBM (prior to 1985 mind you lol) It’s like “that-type” of incompatible?

here you go

https:// persistent . oaistatic . com / sidekick/ public/ ChatGPT_Desktop_public_latest . dmg

Thanks but I was looking for a more official link. No reflection on you, but I don’t download software from strangers.

first of all, my post was a reply to peter.merel specifically .
no one forced you to download it.

And this is the official link that i copied from chatgpt home page where there is a button says (download) i just copied the link address ((from chatgpt home page))

well… idk why they hosted the dmg file in other domain but since i copied it from the home page
what do you want something more official than this??

Thanks Faisal! I’d actually found that link elsewhere. Unfortunately just installing the client doesn’t get you invited into the rollout - you get a polite message, not access.

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Sorry, my mistake. I apologize for any offense. I don’t see a button on the ChatGPT home page, so I guess they haven’t released it to me yet.

i hope you get invited soon…

for me, i got invited and found a pop-up message in the home page that has download button
but since i have intel device i don’t get any benefit form this (LOL)