ChatGPT Android app does not show image recognition, voice recognition, etc

New GPT-4 features are available on the web.
However, they are not displayed in the Android app.
Only normal conversation is available.
According to the OpenAI blog, it should be rolled out by October 9.
Please fix this.


Same issue here in as of 10 November. App version 1.2023.312

I never got audio or even any options to activate new functions in the settings. Yesterday GPT-4 with Bing and vision was available, today the app went back to showing GPT 3.5 only… Also app version 1.2023.312 with Plus subscription.

No access for me either. Android. Latest version. Beta app doesn’t have it either. Samsung Galaxy Note9

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did anyone resolve this? I had the new features and factory reset my phone and now cannot get voice chat back.

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The same is happening to me.
Voice chat, image/file upload worked for several weeks, at one point the features where completely gone. No amount of clearing cache/storage and uninstalling can bring it back.

ChatGPT Premium
Android app version 1.2023.347
Android 14
Samsung Galaxy S22


Same here. Left to the “Message” input field there are not buttons despite the ChatGPT 4 model being selected and an active plus subscription. This used to work…

Pixel 8 Pro with Dec 2023 update of Android 14.

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Update: actually I could solve it for me. I have Adguard DNS running.

I disabled Wifi + private DNS and opened the ChatGPT app once from mobile network without any filter.

The buttons came back. And they stayed after enabling Wifi + Adguard DNS again. So far…

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@sibbl Thank you very much for this tip. I use Blokada and just noticed the same. When deactivating it, the app would work again properly.

Now it would be awesome which hosts I’d need to whitelist since permanently deactivating ad-blocking is not really my preferred method. Back in the old days that might have been relatively easy with an emulator and a network sniffer but that’s almost impossible nowadays. It would be cool if OpenAI could just tell us.

The voice feature even doesent display on my app!!

I don’t know why, but I re-installed the app and the voice feature came back.