CHATGPT accidental chat deletion

While messing around with the settings, i have accidentally managed to delete all of my previous chats with chatgpt. Is there any way for me to recover those chats? They were pretty important to me.

I wasn’t messing around and it just happened to me. Months of effort. Important projects. The mobile app as soon as you open settings there’s a button to clear all chats. No confirmation. No warning. I clicked settings and it took a second to load and by coincidence my finger was over clear chats and I tapped to scroll down and it just cleared all my chats. What the heck OpenAI. I know you keep the chats that it just hides them. Please allow restoration. I can’t believe this UI. I’ve never seen a more dangerous setting. A random clear all chats button right in front of you on the first page of settings right in the middle of the **** screen and NO CONFIRMATION. You’ve got to be kidding. I’m disgusted with this.

it just happened to me minutes ago. It is very frustrating. I was keeping a journal for 25 days and I had many important chats for organizing several aspects of my life. I just wanted to change to dark mode in the web version. And there is a button “Clear” that does not even ask you if you are sure? Bang, all gone just one click away. No options of restoring, bringing the chats back. It feels like missing a lot of important work and effort. It makes me feel sad to be honest. And just because someone could not design this properly! Boxes with an “Are you sure?” message have been around since the first computer and you are developing an interface for an AI this way? What a paradox, that is all I can say, I do not want to offend anyone!