Any way to restore Cleared conversations?

I accidentally clicked “Clear conversations” any possibility to get my deletes chat back ? I do have chatGPT 4 plus and paid account

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I did the same thing :sob:
Have you got the solution?

They really need an “are you sure” box…

I was just checking my settings and my cat bumped my hand as I was reaching for the close icon.

All chats gone.

Yeah, I think so! It is one of the easiest ways to prevent this disaster.

I’m furious about this. I had like 8 projects that I need restored. All because I tried to use the mobile site. I pay for pro also. What a friggin joke.

Can anyone name one other company that puts a CLEAR ALL DATA button immediately in front of you when you tap settings that also has NO CONFIRMATION OR WARNING. Your site took a second to load settings and I was scrolling there and boom. ALL MY DATA GONE? Are you JOKING!?!?

it just happened to me minutes ago. It is very frustrating. I was keeping a journal for 25 days and I had many important chats for organizing several aspects of my life. I just wanted to change to dark mode in the web version. And there is a button “Clear” that does not even ask you if you are sure? Bang, all gone just one click away. No options of restoring, bringing the chats back. It feels like missing a lot of important work and effort. It makes me feel sad to be honest. And just because someone could not design this properly! Boxes with an “Are you sure?” message have been around since the first computer and you are developing an interface for an AI this way? What a paradox, that is all I can say, I do not want to offend anyone.

It may feel like you lost a lot of progress, but remember that there is a lot of background truncation happening. If you can summarize the conversation you’ve probably positioned yourself in the same space, or even a better one.

Ciao, i’m having the same issue. were you able to solve the issue? i would be very happy if you could give us support on behalf.
Many Thanks