How do I retrieve a deleted chat in ChatGPT?

How do I retrieve a deleted chat in ChatGPT that I mistakenly deleted? Please tell me this is an option.

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This is not available, I believe, if you delete. There’s a new “archive” feature for the threads.

After archiving some chats, they still got deleted by ‘delete all’. This should not be the idea how ‘archive’ and ‘delete all’ are designed.


I haven’t tested myself, but if that’s the case, yes! Definitely that should be disclosed. Have you reached out to to let them know as feedback? I’ll try to pass it up the chain here, but no promises!

I’m newbee here and this is my first day after subscription. I guess that’s why I did ‘delete all’ without enough concerns. But thanks I’ll try loggin this at

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Ah, gotcha. No worries. Stick around. There’s a wealth of information here hidden amongst the weeds. :wink:

Is there a place I can request manual help to retrieve my archived but deleted chats?

Sorry, is the best method at this time.

Likely nothing that can be done about it. Again, I haven’t confirmed the behavior you describe yet, though. I don’t have a ton in my archive, though.

Something to keep in mind moving forward, though, so you don’t accidentally lose any others.

It’s surprising that deleted chats and archived chats are facilitated the way other platforms are.

I’ve recently regenerated the first question I asked in a very long chat, that had learned a fair amount of info which ended up overwriting the entire history of the chat. I thought there might have been a way to “undo” this action as is the case with other programs but it seems not. Now I have to retype and regenerate all the previous information which GPT will now have to re-learn.