Accidentally Deleted Chats, Can we get them back?

I cannot find any information on this. I am an hour out from teaching a workshop on ChatGPT and my examples are all gone because I was rushing and accident clicked the delete button.
It should not be that easy to do, but also is there a way to get them back?
I have actually saved them to my computer, however I really need to be able to show the process I went through and I don’t have time to recreate all of it. Help?


Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any indication that recovering deleted chats is possible.

But maybe it could be a good thing by giving you the opportunity to review your thinking right before the demo. Positive thinking :crossed_fingers:

Best of luck with your workshop!

Thank you, yes I have decided it is a great opportunity to show them live each step and even though we won’t have time to go through all of it, it will actually give me a good way to show the different ways it generates as I do have the saved content, so a shift in one word or punctuation, etc changes what is rendered. Yes, positive attitude, panic over. lol

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Is there really no way bring deleted chats back? I accidetally deleted mine as well and feel horrible…I wish they weren’t so easy to accidentally delete…I wish there was a way to recover them for a while after deleting…

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Aw man, I lost a really important chat and now I’ll need to rebuild it. This is so disappointing these chats are too easy to delete I wish there was a “Are you sure you really want to delete?” and a Chat Recovery option.


Another one here.

The UX for deleting chats is pretty bad and it’s easy to do it accidentally.


Happened to me too! Accidently deleted all chats man! It sucks… so important Data…


Same here, just deleted everything Q_Q

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Literally Just Re-subscribed to keep using GPT4, and -it deleted all my chats- …I had some really good chats and I lost all of it, It never even ASKED me to delete it, I just clicked go to payment, Put in info, Came back and it just -deleted it all- …Without even being TOLD to delete it

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i also just lost important chats after changing to dark theme and clicking fast the button below without reading it, thinking it was a “save/confirm modifications” button.

never would have imagined there could be an option to delete everything without asking confirmation and no option to undo that


Happened to me too. The UX is bad, it doesn’t even have a warning and I lost months of chats…

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Just happened to me too. Accidental double tap on the menu on the mobile UI and dozens of chat histories gone in an instant with no way to get them back. Gutted, especially when there is no way to exactly reproduce a chat even with the same prompts.

While there is a confirmation it is acknowledged by tapping the exact same portion of the screen as the initial tap so a double tap will wipe everything.

Terrible UI design OpenAI, please fix this!!


This just happened to me too. Another one bites the dust! Argh.

Just happened to me :frowning:, it’s too easy to delete especially when we have dark mode switch is just above it

I also accidentally deleted all the chats. Is there a way to fix this?

I also had this problem with my phone in Safari. I think the api of chatgpt is really terrible considering the price. I guess the best way is save the important chat everytime. I think I asked chatgpt a lot of interesting questions but I don’t even remember the exact questions…

Hey! Sorry to hear about the deleted chats, it is not possible to recover them. In general, it is a good practice to export your chats every once in a while so you have a backup in case this happens.