Accidentally Deleted Chats, Can we get them back?

I cannot find any information on this. I am an hour out from teaching a workshop on ChatGPT and my examples are all gone because I was rushing and accident clicked the delete button.
It should not be that easy to do, but also is there a way to get them back?
I have actually saved them to my computer, however I really need to be able to show the process I went through and I don’t have time to recreate all of it. Help?

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Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any indication that recovering deleted chats is possible.

But maybe it could be a good thing by giving you the opportunity to review your thinking right before the demo. Positive thinking :crossed_fingers:

Best of luck with your workshop!

Thank you, yes I have decided it is a great opportunity to show them live each step and even though we won’t have time to go through all of it, it will actually give me a good way to show the different ways it generates as I do have the saved content, so a shift in one word or punctuation, etc changes what is rendered. Yes, positive attitude, panic over. lol

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Is there really no way bring deleted chats back? I accidetally deleted mine as well and feel horrible…I wish they weren’t so easy to accidentally delete…I wish there was a way to recover them for a while after deleting…

Aw man, I lost a really important chat and now I’ll need to rebuild it. This is so disappointing these chats are too easy to delete I wish there was a “Are you sure you really want to delete?” and a Chat Recovery option.