ChatGPT 4V - not enabled for paid user

I am a paid plus user and I don’t see the GPT-4V is enabled (Sep 25 and Sep 27 version). When will this feature be activated. Appreciate prompt response

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I still have NO ACCESS to GPT-V. I was expecting to have it by Oct 9th. Any reason for the delay?

I just checked and I still have NO access. Appreciate access to vision feature or update on when it will be opened up to the paid users?

Hello sunchand,
I see you’re still unable to access GPT-4V.
It’s indeed frustrating, especially when the official announcement mentioned the rollout would be completed within two weeks, and that period has already passed.

There can be reasons like:

  1. Phased Rollout: To ensure the stability of the new feature, they sometimes release it in stages.

  2. Server Load Balancing: To avoid overwhelming the servers, they might not provide the feature to everyone at once.

But it’s definitely understandable to be upset when there’s a discrepancy between the official announcement and the actual situation.

Sharing and learning from others’ experiences in the community might provide some insights or solutions.

Once you gain access, please do share.

Yeah, it’s not so much that the feature still isn’t available for many plus subscribers, it’s that there’s no communication at all on a very clearly stated timeline that has passed. A plus subscription should at least buy some sort of press release. It’s understandable the issues arise in beta features, just communicate.

Hi, buddy, I had the same question before, but today, I surprisingly noticed that I can finally use ChatGPT-4V. I guess the only solution is to wait for OpenAI. I guess you may be able to use ChatGPT-4V today. Waiting for your further reply.

They’re going to alienate people communicating poorly about their product launch timeframes, providing and withdrawing access to features randomly (at least from the users perspective). From day to day, you have no idea whether your features will persist. It would have been better not to issue a timeframe, than to miss the timeframe and say nothing about it. I had voice for a total of one conversation and haven’t had it since.

Not only is it not available but free users got the update first which I can’t even begin to understand as I’m a paid user paying 20 bucks a month for what? I have no idea….