ChatGPT-4 missing upload button (solved, confusing UI)

I just changed from GPT-3.5 to GPT-4. Then I enabled the code interpreter plugin. When I go to the prompt, I can not see the upload button to upload files into the prompt.
Any ideas?

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For sure, but its not there. That is the reason of my question. :grinning:

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OK, I got the point. If I enable both Plugins and Code Interpreter options, the upload button is removed. I must have only Code Interpreter enabled to get access to the upload button.

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hello, i am also missing the upload button. any idea? tk u.

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Upload button is only available when using Code Interpreter model, looks like you are on plain GPT-4. You need to enable it in Settings > Beta Features first.


I found that both the Code Interpreter and Plugins options are unavailable in GPT-4 when Chat history & training is turned off (under Data Control in Settings). When I turn it on, these options are available again.

I have been using the code interpreter successfully in a given chat. At some point I hit the limit for daily use. At which point the chat switched to gtp 3, and I lost the file upload function.

I have also lost in that chat the context. For example, the chat would respond to me a certain way when I said Hi. It no longer does that.

Should I expect the chat to switch back to 4 and for the file upload function to come back at some point or is it gone forever?

I’m having a somewhat different problem. The upload button is visible but I can’t get it to work. When I click on it nothing happens. When I hover cursor over it, an icon saying “Upload File” appears, but then goes away if I click. Thanks for any advice

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Mac OS12.6.7
Firefox 115.0.2
No extensions installed
No network abnormalities

Try to use Chrome to see if it works. If yes, then you have problems using Firefox.

I tried fixed above, I see no upload button. I assume user error - can you help? Ventura 13.5 - tried both safari and chrome: I have enabled code interpreter and NOT plugins .

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You need to choose the Code Interpreter model from the model selector in the top-center of the screen.


Where do i find the code interpreter model? Is that the GPT3.5 and GPT4 at the top? I still can’t see the upload option.

Code interpreter has been renamed to “Advanced Data Analysis”. You’ll have to enable that model as a plus subscriber, then you’ll be able to use its ability to run code to answer questions.

There might still be people who don’t have access, or access may change on you, as it’s a beta product.

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I’m having the same problem of the file upload button not showing and believe that I have done everything listed in this thread

Running Chrome 116.0.5845.110 on Mac Ventura 13.5.1. No extensions or network anomalies

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You need to select the Advanced Data Analysis model to use it.

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Got it. Thanks. I missed seeing that Default and Advanced Data Analysis were selectable options.

“Code Interpreter” / Advanced Data Analysis STILL not available to me as a Plus subscriber. Confirmed there is no toggle to enable it within the Advanced Data Analysis section


Still missing the upload button, and there is no “ Advanced Data Analysis“

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Old help:

To enable code interpreter:

  • Click on your name
  • Select beta features from your settings
  • Toggle on the beta features you’d like to try

I can find no documented limitation on deployment of code interpreter aka Advanced Data Analysis to plus users. If it is not there, I would contact with a message via, and see if there is a reason for it not being enabled.

(PS, Enterprise can switch access off for their users)