I switched on Advanced data analysis, but are not seeing the plus sign to load a file

I switched on Advanced Data Analysis BETA, but do not see the plus sign to load a file, Also, where do I see the available plugins that I can add to my chatgpt 4 and how do I add them?

Thanks, but not seeing it, I just see chatgpt 3.5 or chatgpt 4. Under my account, I did select the button to switch on Advanced Data Analysis under Beta.

Never mind, I had to switch on training and chat history in order to see it. However, I want whatever I upload there to be confidential. Are the two options mutually exclusive? So if I upload a file, the data will not be secure and can be used in model training? Is there any way I can keep the data secure (so training switched off) and still use the advanced data analysis beta?

Does this plugin still exist? A search in the plugin store for “Advanced data analysis” turns up nothing.

It is not a plug-in. It is a mode that you select by choosing the model name at the top of a blank new chat window and then looking at the mode in the drop-down list.

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