I switched on Advanced data analysis, but are not seeing the plus sign to load a file

I switched on Advanced Data Analysis BETA, but do not see the plus sign to load a file, Also, where do I see the available plugins that I can add to my chatgpt 4 and how do I add them?

You need to actually select the Advanced Data Analysis or Plugins models in order to use them.

When you click on the GPT-4 button at the top of the chat, you should see the option to select the other models.

Thanks, but not seeing it, I just see chatgpt 3.5 or chatgpt 4. Under my account, I did select the button to switch on Advanced Data Analysis under Beta.

Never mind, I had to switch on training and chat history in order to see it. However, I want whatever I upload there to be confidential. Are the two options mutually exclusive? So if I upload a file, the data will not be secure and can be used in model training? Is there any way I can keep the data secure (so training switched off) and still use the advanced data analysis beta?

Depending on if you’re on desktop or mobile, it will look like this,

They are both beta features.

The implicit agreement when using beta features as a beta tester is they will use your data to improve the beta products.

So, yes, they are mutually exclusive.