Chat window keep loading, and no response, no error, even restart my laptop the situation has no changed

PC system: win11 professional
Version : 22H2
OS version: 22621.1555
Browser: EDGE 112.0.1722.64 (64 bit)

At the beginning, i thought it was traffic jam or my account problem, so leave it for days. But today i tried my account on iphone and it works. So i come back to laptop try to fix such matter. Neither reboot nor clear the cache of brower can make it work. Anyone has ideas about this? Thanks a lot!

The screen shot is attached. it can loading for a whole day without error prompt.

Try logging out and back in.

Also, I’ve seen mentioned here that actually (re)logging to platform works such as here:

no man, doesnt work…tried doing whatever u said …am getting so frustated…my life depends on it/…

Tried, didn’t work. I try to use chrome instead of edge, still the same.


Try a DNS flush and report back. I’m feeling it. Once you’ve done so, press CTRL+F5 to do a hard refresh on that ChatGPT website. You may even want to clear cookies and relog just to be safe.

I think it’s a account problem. i tried on another windows based laptop, the situation has remained. I tried to login with another account. The problem disappears. I may input a logical question related too much scenario cause such bug.

I agree with you. It’s just why. I’ve seen most people report that a new device allows them access, which leads me to believe it’s some sort of cache issue.

If you have no success trying a new device, but trying a different account, well. I don’t know.

I don’t know if it’s recent (haven’t cared to keep tabs), but I noticed that they are using some new(ish) tools for A/B testing. Based on the account leaking fiasco, I wouldn’t be surprised that some accounts are maybe in purgatory until an update is rolled to them. Which would align with some people’s accounts suddenly working again, but cache issues also cause that.

I did can use normally in iphone with the problem account, but not in any windows system. it confused me. but anyway, I can use another account to test. Also, your help is much appreciated!

Is your phone and windows PC on the same network?

yes, they are under a same Wi-Fi device.

Last night i login with iphone and clear all the conversations, today the account returned to normal in windows platform.

Problem solved.

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only work for me in incognito…

in browser i stopped all addons, removed cookies, history, etc… but still cannot work in standard window with chat openai