Chat plugin for GPT 4 not working anymore - Alpha language version?

I have the Plus Plan, allowing GPT4 and plugin use.

A few days ago, I agreed to try the alpha version fit for one’s language.
It seems that since then, I cannot use anymore any chat plugin.

For instance, the Link Reader cannot read anymore any site.
And I cannot get design suggestions anymore from Canva.

When you open the “Settings and beta” features from the left column of any chat, you can see that plugins activation is specifically located in a dongle called “beta features”. Is it the reason why I cannot use plugins anymore ?

Yes, I logged off and logged in and yes, I already uninstalled and reinstalled the plugins I need. Even tested similar plugins, with same “result”.

Coud you advise please ?

That may sound a bit of a “Karen-like” question, but what is the point to pay if I cannot use premium features ?

Thank you in advance.