Plugin only works with gpt-4?

Just wondering if there anyway I can run the plugin when using default 3.5 model ? It seems plugins no longer working when I used all my gpt-4 quota ?


After today’s update, I have the same issue. hope there can be an option for users to choose which model to use.


25 message in 3 hours is not enough to test my plugins … is there anyway we can by pass the limit when testing our own chatgpt plugins?


I expect if there will be the option for plugins with 3.5 model …

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I agree. This isn’t enough for development purposes. Please give the option to use the previous model.


Yesterday there was only GPT-3.5, and today there is only GPT-4. I feel that it is outrageous. The plug-in cannot be used and there is no place to contact the author. At least give a comment section.

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I got developer access yesterday and spent some time testing the plugins which existed to see how others had already made use of the system. I noticed the change in behavior when surpassing the limit, although it seemed to think that it was using the plugins and would give what looked like partial calls for making charts and the like.

I’ll likely be trying to bring a few of the small plugin ideas to fruition next week. Spider Graphs, Bar Graphs, what have you. Hopefully the limits are expanded soon to make the development a bit more convenient.

My Fingers are crossed. Just through the brainstorming process I can see where I will be running into major issues as it currently is. :crossed_fingers:

Having the same issue, I can no longer test plugins like I was. It seems the alpha tag for plugins has vanished, and the default model is now GPT-4


Emm I found I was granted ChatGPT plugin dev permission but I didn’t got a GPT-4 api access?

Is it normal? Anyone else in same boat?

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Contrary to you, I was given the API for GPT-4, but no plugin development rights.

same here . They just don’t want to me to spend my money :rofl:

Its true Plugins work with GPT 4 only, OpenAi could decide to make plugins accessible to general public as well with time.

I am also developing plugins now. I applied for GPT-4 API access on May 15, have not gotten the access :joy:

Hey folks, as is almost always the case, ChatGPT related things are not associated with the API. So getting ChatGPT plugin developer access does not mean you have GPT-4 API access, they are separate.

Currently plugins only use GPT-4, I agree that ideally they would work with 3.5 as well but that is not the case today.


We had access to plugins to run on got 3.5 on chatgpt as alpha and beta, but now it is gpt 4 only which makes it unusable due to the limit. It is openly documented with the use of plugins on 3.5 , can you please give us the option to use plugins on whatever model we want or at least one that allows more than 25 messages per 3 hours? This is kind of ridiculous, even the developers cannot use this for their own testing of live plugins (I am not speaking of gpt4 API access here) also I don’t mean so sound entitled but there are major issues with browsing plugins on gpt 4 that still existed on 3.5 so perhaps some transparent updating to what is going on with these changes would help clear up this confusion?