in an iframe

Hello :slight_smile:

I was wondering if it’s possible to embed the Chatgpt (the openai playground) in the iframe?

There is a platform that allows you to create your own experments with tasks. In the task editor there is an “iframe object” and I use it to embed the . However, the problems occur.

I’ve noticed if I haven’t visited the page in the browser before and didn’t go through the Cloudflare check (“Checking if the site connection is secure”) the content of the website won’t show up and it would say that “chat openai com refused to connect”.

But, if I did the Cloudflare check before in the same browser and then refresh the page with the iframe, suprisingly I can see the main page of ChatGPT in the iframe (with “login” and “sign up buttons”). The problem is, these buttons do not redirect me to either page and just keep refreshing the main page over and over again.

So my question is, is the site compatible with being embedded in an iframe at all?

Embedding an iframe is only useful for your local session. You can’t embed it on a page and navigate that way without having to authenticate to the website first. If you want to interact with the playground, try implementing a solution that goes through the API.

Just a follow-up on your reply here (apologies if I’m asking the same question!). Could I embed ChatGPT Plus into my website and when my users want to ask something, I send some authentication details for my chatGPT Plus account along with their query?

Hello, I built a product to embed ChatGPT everywhere and you can even define it’s default behaviour. Check it out at