Iframe a chatbot onto a website

Hello. I made a very simple chatbot (currently in flask) and I would love to find a better way to put it out to the world other than my slow python server, and so maybe host it elsewhere.
Is it then possible to embed an for example iframe into an html page, using Gradio or similar.
The thing is, I need my context prompt and code to stay private.
Thanks in advance.

You can use API’s to serve your product to other website, then you need only to use javascript in the website you want.

Are you putting ChatGPT in an iframe and using it on a site of yours?

If so that may be specifically listed in one of the OpenAI policies as not allowed.

It’s not chat GPT per say. It’s an API call with a specific context prompt. I’m pretty sure that’s allowed.

It would be easier in JS I guess. The problem is all my code is in Python.

Hi @Enashka , you can easily expose your python app’s logic in API, then you just need to call the api url, you don’t need much changes in your code at this point. you can ask chatgpt he will help you solve this


Thanks for the clarification.

Those are allowed.

Any use of Iframe with ChatGPT will draw my attention.


This seems to be the way. Thanks a lot for the tip!

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