Chat GPT not working on one laptop but works on the other

ChatGPT stopped working on my main laptop but works on my backup laptop just fine. Yesterday I was unable to log into Chat at all on my main laptop, and today I can log in but it takes me to a generic account that is not assigned to anybody, and it does not respond to prompts; it simply grinds. I cleared cash, restarted the router, tried it in Google Chrome, Opera, and Edge. No difference. I have a Plus account. Need GPT to work on my main laptop; working on the backup laptop is not an option because it does not have all the programs I need. This is what the screen looks like. This is not my account. It does not even have user, and it does not work. At the same time, when I log in on my other laptop, it takes me into my Plus account.


I am having the same problem, mine it not working as well. Please let know if you manage to get it working

Please open up the console and show the logs. Iā€™d imagine there will be an error there.

I have also the problem and create a ticket. Locks like with the update something went wrong.

Do they read the forum?

Looks like I found a way to login and the feedback is positiv right now. Checkout here:

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me to

anyone found a solution. I have the exact same problem. it works on my phone and ipad but not on laptop when all are on same network. sometime works on the laptop randomly and stops again for long time.

I have the same problem! if anyone has an idea how to fix it, please let us know. Thanks!