White Screen Upon Entering Tool - Authentication Issue?

Edit: Seems to Have Resolved Itself

When loading ChatGPT and attempting to enter the website through google, I get a complete white screen with no error messages. Everything has been working up until the point I purchased a premium tier, now nothing will load. I can use the app just fine but the website will not cooperate. I have found a workaround to access it not logged in, but I would really like to use the premium features I am paying for.

Below are the results of the steps the app version of ChatGPT prompted me to complete.

  1. Browser Refreshed
  2. Cache and Cookies Cleared
  3. Tried it on Opera GX, Chrome, and Edge
  4. Browsers are Up to Date
  5. Disabled the only browser extension I use (Ad Block)
  6. Internet Connection is Solid
  7. Will Not Work in Incognito Mode
  8. No ChatGPT Service Outages Reported