CHAT GPT Not Working, Experiencing Technical Difficulties, Since The Morning Hours Of 4/28/23 to 05:48AM central time, 04/29/23

I click login to Chat GPT 4 on Open AI’s website, then I arrive at this screen, provided in the screenshot, but none of the functions work, I can’t create a new chat or send out a message to Chat GPT. I went to Down Detector, and it seems other users are having the same issue, here is the link to Down Detector, where I found Chat GPT user feedback in the comment section below, on the Down Detector Website’s page, stating 50% of users are still having issues with Chat GPT. This issue, regarding Chat GPT’s Unresponsive Status, is also affecting premium members from what one monthly subscriber stated, he is also experiencing technical difficulties on his end. Here are some links and a screenshot to help verify my statement.


I have the problem too. I can login but I cant create a new chat. It nots not working on any other browser but on different Laptop.

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Have you ever tried Freedom GPT’s AI Chat? I heard good things about it, and how it doesn’t censor any responses, I downloaded it, and ran it on my PC, but I don’t think my PC is strong enough to generate fast responses the way Chat GPT 4 does, you can try it out if you have a Powerful PC build, Let me know what you think about it, if you try it out.

No not yet. It seems a big technical problem. A few other have also problem.

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Same here since yesterday. I dont know what is going on.

I also have the premium subscription but I do not to whom contact

Me too! Since Friday, and I pay for the Premium 4.0
When can we expect to get it fixed?

check out here. I found a solution and it looks it works:

Please write back if it works.