CHAT GPT free version feedback

Hello, OpenAI.

I’ve been using ChatGpt i really don’t know for how long or since when to be honest. When i found out about it, i couldn’t believe it was real. It came from a very scientific fiction movie. But we as human, which has the ability to get used to everything, maybe for a lot of you guys, this is not that magical anymore. Well, for me it’s out of this world.

I always wanted to create a very garbage ‘‘GTA’’ like game, where i can create whatever i want to have some fun with myself. Well, with the Unity Playmaker (visual scripting) and with this, i was able to win some challenges that i just couldn’t have done alone. As i’m more of a ‘‘artistic’’ guy and just wants to see the results rightaway, you know, to put in pratice my ideias and don’t waste too much time finding missing brackets or trying to learn C++ and etc.

I know that what i have been searching and trying for hundreds of times and more than two years is something very simple and any programmer could do in a matter or hours. But for me, having a virtual assistant, is something that can’t be compared to anything else. How much would i have to pay to someone to create what i wanted? Things i had the ideia and Chat GPT wrote down for me is something i just couldn’t find on internet. It’s like talking to a friend, explaining every step of a ideia i had, how to change something that is not right and no one will be mad at me for asking the same thing one thousand times.

So, i’m really gratefull for your work, which maybe not even the creators has the ideia of how useful this is, how exciting it to use this tool. My days now are funnier and my ideias can finally go fowards thanks to that!

People always complain whenever a new tech comes to reality. AI is included aswell. But here it’s a matter of knowing how to use, for what porpouse. While some of the users are trying to scam people and do bad things with it, i’m having a lot of fun and learning a lot.

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