Chat GPT for Free Users & Payments

When using version the version 4 trial, how about at least letting it finish what it is printing to the screen before stopping it, that would be fair, or give us the option not to use your trial of Chat-GPT 4 at that moment, and continue with what we are doing. I’m developing Python scripts, your AI will be in ther middle of generating a corrected script for me and you suddenly stop it. At least have the decency to allow it to finish what it’s doing at that moment. That tactic of yours does not make me want to pay you, it angers me, as it would most people.
Also. give us the option to pay you using Paypal!
I for one will not be giving my credit card numbers to some strange company on the other side of the world. It’s is too hard to get criminals to stop charging the card, I’m sure the people behind Chat-Gpt are good people, but I won’t risk it. If something goes wrong, you over bill us etc. it leaves us with the only option of cancelling the card then waiting a week or longer for a new one to arrive, and then waiting a further week, or longer before you can use it fully, as you have to wait for the pin number to arrive. Then you have to notify everyone who bills you that your card has changed. I have been through this all before, Mastercard and Visa are both less than uselss, as they don’t want to suffer the loss either and compensate us for our losses. If you allow us to pay using Paypal, I will pay immediately, as will many other people, until then I wont be paying unfortunately.