ChatGPT Transparency Complaint

This isn’t a big report or anything of that nature, this is more of a question and complaint.

Recently updates have been coming out for ChatGPT that have changed the user experience in good ways and bad ways, lots of bugs have been pushed to production and the developers haven’t communicated much to the community or chatgpt community developer what’s going on.

Ever since plugins have come out, it’s become quite difficult to develop for ChatGPT, the dev tools have been disappearing, for a time it was impossible to test local plugins, now out of the blue without telling people the plan OpenAI has changed plugins so the only work on GPT-4 with a limit, and there are constant UI bugs.

My question ultimately is, can we get some more transparency and communication from the OpenAI developers on whats going on, what changes are going to be introduced, how will these changes impact users using the software and developers working on it. It’s just really frustrating to have partial answers, no support and not be able to expect what will break next.

Take the UI for example, without saying anything the UI gets updated and then completely breaks for a few hours, is there no staging branch for ChatGPT before these changes are merged to production? It’s also quite difficult to know exactly what changes are occuring, look at GPT-4 plugins, in theory developers have a slightly larger number of requests for GPT-4 (theoretically) but we have no way to actually know, we were just told once and no one followed up with a actual value.

That’s about it, I was just struggling with the new bug were code keeps repeating and the UI scrolling freaks out and I just needed to write this out. It would be really great to see some more communication from the devs and some more testing before things move to the production branch.

That’s all.