Chat Conversation Public Link Sharing Completely Broken

It is currently not possible to share a link from a conversation with anyone who does not have a ChatGPT login - is this feature being removed or updated?

When opening in another browser or on another computer, you will be redirected to the login page for ChatGPT.

Previously it was possible to share this link with anyone (and it would just open publicly) but now it redirects to the login page, so something has changed.

Is this feature working correctly (or is it a recent security update that has stopped this working)

Greatful for any suggestions,

Kind regards,

Roger Davies


Hi Roger. Where’s the conversation for this problem? Link sharing in general is completely broken. OpenAI seems unresponsive to serious problems. We cannot get our work done. If this continues we will be forced to drop our Team Plan subscriptions. OpenAI is doing what Microsoft did for decades: making customers foot the bill for broken release after broken release. It’s disgusting.
Regards, Vincent Randal.