Chat bot for Spanish learners with habit creation reminders and notifications


I teach Spanish as a second language. I send texts to my students so they can practice vocabulary and phrases in between classes but many times, they don’t respond. I encourage them to use a chatbot we created on Slack using OpenAI so they can practice Spanish as well. They have asked me if I could send them notifications to remind them to reply to these messages. I’ve used Slack to try to tackle this problem because you can configure reminders on Slack but they don’t want to have to download another app or they simply forget to open it. They need reminders like those sent by daily affirmation apps, which show messages directly on your screen without you having opened the app. Additionally, since they don’t want to use Slack, the chatbot has not been successful. I am looking for someone who’d like to work on a chatbot and app for Spanish students and a habit builder through reminders! Or maybe not even a traditional app, maybe everything could be done on a ‘game’ app that sends text messages. Let me know if you’re interested or know of someone!