GPT-powered life coach that helps you build healthy habits

Super excited to announce the project I’ve been working on:

Over the years I’ve tried dozens of tools to track my habits/goals/etc - but always found that none of it stuck. Then I found something that actually worked: hiring someone to call me every single day to check in. This guy from Upwork was literally calling me daily and filling out a google form based on our conversations, and during weekly review calls we’d look at my data, talk about my progress, and make changes for next week.

With this new approach, I found myself firing on all cylinders and actually managing to stick to a habit tracking/self-improvement plan for (almost) an entire year! There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. Ease of use: I didn’t have to fill out a form, open an app, or anything else - I just talked.
  2. Accountability: having this daily check-in (and with a person) made me hyper-aware of my habits ( and I found myself knocking a few of them out just before the call…)

Anyways, I always wanted to build a more scalable version of that so other people could benefit from that kind of experience, and GPT-3 was the missing puzzle piece. Now, after a ton of dev and experimentation with friends and family, I’m finally ready to start opening it up to everyone!

Huge thanks to @daveshapautomator’s awesome Youtube channel, this forum, and all the great work (+clear documentation!) from the team at OpenAI for these incredible tools + the guidance on how to use them.

Super excited to keep building AI assistants that help people live healthier and happier lives, and I hope can help you reach your goals - no matter what they might be :slight_smile:


Congrats! Thanks for sharing with us!

I hope you have a great launch!

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This is awesome! Glad to see this.

I would love for GPT to replace therapists to help the tons of people who struggle with mental health.

This is a step in that direction :heart::heart::heart:

That should be your next venture. People & Insurance pay $300+ an hour for therapists so there is certainly a market.

GPT could do it for $300 a year. I’m guessing.

If you’re interested in going that route I have strong PHP web developer skills and I’m willing to team up.


Would LOVE to get this to the point where it’s an all around life assistant (something like from the movie “Her”), but between the size of that problem and the uncertain legal implications around giving medical advice, decided to focus on habits for now.

The reality is that most people can get a ton of value just from doing simple things like meditation or expressing gratitude more regularly.

Interestingly enough though, most of my early users are tracking physical health habits (things like Exercise, Floss, Drink Water, etc.), but many (myself included!) are tracking mental health habits as well. At the end of the day, habits are just tiny steps towards a goal and as long as the coach is helping people take those steps - I’m happy!

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Does this only work in US? I am not in US and don’t have a US number

That’s actually a really good idea.

I was actually thinking about hiring a life coach because I have a hard time making choices. I’m very indecisive.

Us engineers are very logical, so when I have to make life choices I try to figure out the probability distributions (e.g. binomial distribution) of each possible outcome
and then
end up not making a choice.

GPT would do it sooooo much better.

If you go the life coach route, it would need to make concrete choices for the user based on the users input (e.g. blah blah blah so GPT should I quit my job to start a business OR just do a side project part-time?).

I’ve tried to use GPT to make choices for me, but it won’t. It just tells me the pro’s and con’s of each possible choice. ANNOYING.

… but man, that would be big.

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I know what you mean re: decision paralysis. The decision to quit my job and focus on this project full time was not something I took lightly - actually made a giant flow chart to help me think through the decision.

Imo a flow where a GPT assistant talks through a decision with you and then prints out something like this could help a lot of people. Artifacts like this can be a huge help when making big decisions, but it takes way too much time to make them, so most people end up trying to keep it in their head or just making important decisions based on gut feelings. It’s something we need to figure out ASAP if we want to keep up with our future robot overlords!


For now it’s US only, but I have a beta working on Telegram and am working on adding Whatsapp. Feel free to DM me your Telegram and I can get you access!

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A great idea for using GPT to create valuable app.

A question, is different from “Habit Coach” in YouTube (The Habit Coach with Ashdin Doctor Ep. 01: Monday Highlights - YouTube) ? I can see it’s a hot field !

No connection @garyz, have been mostly inspired by reading books like James Clear’s “Atomic Habits” and seeing the idea of personal coaching from companies like Future and - very glad so many people are popularizing these ideas and just happy to help how I can :slight_smile:

This seems really great. Having it work through text message makes it super convenient. The fact you don’t have to speak to an actual person makes it feel… private. Love this idea.

How does the “memory” work? So it knows, for example, not to continue asking about drinking water over and over again? Based on your chart showing your decision to leave your job, I’m guessing there’s a whole lot of stuff going on under the hood.

What tech did you need to makes this work through text messages?

Was going to ask about monetization but your pricing plans make a lot of sense. You have thought this out very well!

Keep up the great work and good luck!

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Thanks for the kind words!

It’s definitely gotten to be pretty complex under the hood at this point with dozens of prompts interacting with each other. Check out Dave Shapiro’s videos for some general overview of how the memory stuff started, he explains it all much better than I can!

As for SMS, that part is just using Twilio’s API.

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Hi Arus, amazing job here! I’m also not from the US, where can I DM you to test the Beta version on telegram? (I didn’t found a DM capability on this blog). Kind regards and thanks a lot!

Great product! Congrats!

However have you checked if building such a product is allowed by OpenAI terms of use? This may be in the health/psychology department.

Hi !!! Would love to try this outside the US. Im from Mexico.
Can I try the Telegram version? My username is maxleonardow
Thank u and lets get better habits