Changing tone for creative writing

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Trying to make a ‘change tone’ engineering, Where I give gpt-3 an input and a tone (casual for example) and it returns output in the given tone, does anyone has good prompts and engine settings suggestions?

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Hi there! It depends on which tone do you want to achieve. It’s always about orchestration of settings and prompt. For example, you want to change tone to casual, you can try DaVinci Instruct with prompt like

<original text>
Paraphrase this text in casual tone

(with temperature between .7-.8)

Way better results you can find if you try “role play” with GPT-3, imagining who is your exactly target group, like “write a friendly letter to students about the topic above”.

It’s always useful to imagine the communicative situation and to describe it to GPT-3.


Use the following prompt with 3-5 examples
Paraphrase the following sentence in the indicated mood;

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davinci instruct
temp- 0.5 to 0.7
both penalties at 0.5
top p 1

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