Changing tone/style for a large prompt

Hi all!

I have a 3-4k-token prompt that I use to imitate sales conversations for training. It’s performing really well and can handle difficult cases.

However, I want to make sure it maintains a very light, conversational tone. It’s currently quite formal (baseline GPT-3.5 behaviour).

What’s the best way to add this instruction to a large prompt without refactoring it significantly? What are the most effective ways to address tone?


In the system prompt, tell the model to be less formal, lighter and a more conversational tone, adjust as needed, usually works a treat.

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On top of the last reply, you can also go into more detail about the style you consider to be part of a conversational tone, for example, something like the following -

Avoid corporate jargon, use more exclamation marks, avoid long words, ask more questions, etc.

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